Valim (Diazepam)

To be acquainted with a medicine Valium closer, it is recommended to read the general information paying attention to such important points as dosage, the period of taking and possible side effects. Concerning the question of purchasing Valium it is for sale in many pharmacies, online medical shops with positive feedbacks.

Valium belongs to benzodiazepine family.

Speaking about this group of medicines the following characteristics should be mentioned like calming and sleeping effect, antipanic action and Valium also acts as myorelaxant. Having all these features Valium is capable to cure panic disorder, anxiety disorder, sleep disorder, different kinds of spasms, mental tension. In some cases the medication is used to provoke amnesia if it is needed for medical purposes. The quickest effect is reached by intravenous therapy when the patient has the injection of Valium into a vein (approximately from two to six minutes). If taken orally, it is possible to wait 30 minutes before it starts to act. Besides you can have the injection of Valium into a muscle if the health condition of the patient demands it.

How much and how often?

All dosages are individual and what is better for one person can be harmful for the other. In order to avoid negative results everyone should visit the medical man for a prescription of the drug and to get the detailed instructions about the period of the drug therapy and the dose. The most common doses are 2 mg to 10 mg and the frequency of the use during the day is three or four times. It should be pointed out that that the amount of the drug and the number of taking Valium depends upon the disorder which the patient experiences.

Adverse reactions.

As for Valium most of the doctors don’t advise to take it for a long time because it may lead to a drug addiction. Sudden termination of the drug therapy may also result in a drug abuse. The suitable dose and strict performance of the doctor’s instructions and you will be safe from this side effect. Speaking about other side reactions we can also mention the problems with coordination of actions and slowness. Valium is considered to be a reliable and successful medication in its class.

Availability of the medicine.

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